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5DollarFrames.com buys out the competition!


So I got a phone call from a guy that says he is done with the picture framing business.  (Apparently he has never heard of the internet for growing his business).  It is understandable in today’s economy that framing shops are closing up.  We chatted for a few minutes and said he needed to sell off all of his inventory and equipment.  Now even though his company has had a presence in the industry selling to large furniture stores, the more I listened, the more I empathized with what he was saying.  We put our heads together to see if we could make a win/win situation.

He and his family had been through some hard times and family was leveraged pretty heavy in debt.  Things didn’t seem like they were going to get better at all.  He was looking for someone to help him turn his assets into cash.

As it were, that is what 5DollarFrames.com does, we help people in that type of situation turn their first quality leftover inventory and materials into cash.  Think of us as a recycling business and then we pass great savings on those products on to you - our customer. 

In the picture framing business there are frame mouldings that we might consider “perishable”, really no different than bread, milk or eggs.  They all have a shelf life.  Picture frame and artwork are kind of like that too in that there is a life expectancy of style and theme before the next great theme or style comes along.  Some people like the old school profiles, some people have to have the latest and greatest.  Ok, we not selling iPods here but most people like what they like.

With that being said, we helped out our diminishing competitor by buying most of his inventory and handing him a nice wad of cash.  We are investing in our own future for the long haul and really when you go deep down, we are really helping a family in need.  With our connections in the picture framing business we were also able to pass on the word to some other friends to help take equipment and accessories and they converted those items into cash for them as well.

It is the circle of life in business but as a customer of ours you will soon have a selection of over 60 new picture framing profiles to choose from for all of your picture framing needs. 

Check back with us soon as we are currently in the process of adding all of these great values to our online catalog hopefully by the end of March ‘13.


Happy Framing!


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What makes 5DollarFrames.com such a good value?

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Help support Boy Scouts of America

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