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Just the FAQ's

Q: What will I find at 5DollarFrames.com?

You will find discounted, standard size photo and art frames at severely reduced retail prices. We also offer optional products such as bulk mats and bulk glass for those really large projects.

Q: What sizes do you have at 5DollarFrames.com?

Most standard sizes. Starting at 4x6”, 5x7”, 6x8”, 8x10”, 8.5x11", 11x14”, 12x16” all the way up to 18x24”. We can also make any custom size you need. The cost is just the next size up. If you need an 11x15" then you need to order 12x16" and note the size you need in the customer comments block.

Q: Do the frames come with inserts and glass?

The frames that are standard sizes have the option of easel back, glass or acrylic. Glass and Plexiglas options have been added to every product on our site. Easel backs are only available for the smaller sizes (11x14" and below) Choose the options that you need. Glass and Plexiglas will include the cardboard backer at no additional charge.

Q: Can I get an easel back with any of my frames?

Yes, We have easel backs for most of the small sizes up to 11x14”. If it is an option on the product page then it is available.

Q: Do you custom make any frames to order?

Yes, we can do that provided that you choose the next largest size at the time of order.  Sizes over 18x24 have to be custom quoted for shipping reasons.

Q: I ordered a frame a few weeks ago and I want another like it but your site does not have a match, can I order it?

5DollarFrames.com is more like a clearing house for overrun picture frame mouldings. We make frames in many sizes and when they are gone they may not return. Please contact us to see if inventory still exists. On occasion we buy a deep supply and may have some left on hand.

Q: Can I request a certain frame size?

We can make the sizes you need when you order the next largest size. Let’s say that you need a 10x10” frame. You will have to order the 10x12” and make sure you note in the comments block that you want the size to be 10x10”. The comments block is at the shopping cart page.

Q: Do all of the frames you sell come with hangers?

Yes, we will supply each frame with a small hanger; you will need to attach it to the center of the frame.

Q: Will you have more than one color selection?

Possibly, you will have to look in the categories to see or use the search feature for color name. i.e. "black", "walnut", "natural", etc.

Q: Are these frames first quality?

99% of what sell is first quality. There may be some slight defects in the mouldings but we like to call them "natural embellishments".   Shipping damage is another topic however.

Q: Do you have metal frames?

Yes, we have a ton of metal frames and these can be great for diplomas or certificates. There are many colors to choose from. Go to the search block and type in "metal".

Q: What holds the glass and backer in place?

All of the 5DollarFrames.com products have flexi tabs so that you can take the glass and backer out put your art or photo in, reinstall and bend the tabs back down.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

Most products are ready to ship within 24-48 hours. Orders placed before 10:00 am EST will ship same day (subject to availability).  Click your shipping method if you want them faster than ground shipping. Click our shipping map to see how long a package takes to ship to you.  We are based in Atlanta, Ga.

Q: How can you sell frames so inexpensively?

We have access to bulk amounts of closeout frame mouldings and we negotiate good deals with manufacturers by taking the slow moving inventory off of their hands at a discounted rate and pass the savings on to you.

Q: Are there any other discounts off of the prices listed?

If you buy in bulk there are additional discounts for more than 25 units and again at 50 units of the same moulding profile.  Even larger orders may qualify for bigger discounts.

Q: Why does my PayPal receipt say Art Effects?

5Dollarframes.com is a subsidiary brand of Art Effects Framing and for billing purposes the receipts may have our corporate name and address attached to them.   Don't worry, our parent company has been building quality products since 1988.   Contact the corporate office if you have a valid concern.

Q. It does not appear that you sent me my plexiglass that I ordered with my frames. Can you send it to me?

This is a common oversight by the customer.  If you look at the parts that were sent with the frames you will see either a blue sheet or a white sheet.  That is a protective liner that is part of the PlexiGlass sheet to protect it from scratches.  The customer needs to peel off both sides and place it over the mat or photo when going into the frame.  Be sure not to use abrasive cleaners on the plexiglass as to prevent scratching.  If in fact we missed it or aliens abducted it from within the box then we will certainly send you replacements.

Q. My order says it cannot be shipped to my location?

The shipper has developed an interface that cuts off at 70 pounds per shipment.  That equals about 50-60 empty frames.  If your order is bigger than that and goes into the +50 units you may want to break the order into two seperate shipments to get around the error mesage.  We cannot really do anything about that right now since the info comes from the shippers website as a weight / size quote.  Call us if you have more problems.





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