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Up for Grabs!

This is a special opportunity to get exceptional value on frames that we only have 1 of left on our shelf.  What you get when you order the "Grab Bag" is you will get various sizes (not typically over 8x10"), you may get various colors and of course various profiles.  No two frames are the same.  Some of these frames may not even be in our lineup that you see online - that is part of the surprise!

However you may request that the frames be pulled from the same family of color (i.e. "Please send all black frames." or "Please send all 5x7" frames"), but ultimately the picture frame selection is ours with what is classified as a "leftover stock".

All Grab Bags are sold as a set of 5 frames.  Glass and backers are not included in this particular item due to the variying sizes.  Those optional items can be found here.