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What makes such a good value?

5th Feb 2013

What makes such a good value?

Well, it all happens like this.  We buy volumes of discontinued mouldings from various sources and really pass great savings on to you.  That's it!  Pure and simple.  Our goal is to be your best place for finding great values on quality built do-it-yourself picture frames.  It's not hard.  You have a photo of family, friends, a memorable trip, a vacation, grandparents, kids art, or whatever you want to display.  We have a picture frame for that.   

We build value into all of our products because we are not interested in competing with big box stores, we don't have to.  We would rather go directly to you - our customer.  We sell first quality picture frames on a made to order basis.  It helps to keep our inventory low, prices down and service really high.  Most all of are materials are manufacured and distributed in the USA!  This keeps our profits in the domestic economy, not in some other country.  

Cut legs waiting to be joined High volume of frame stock
Legs of a larger frame order.  No order to big or too small.
We ship to all destinations in the USA by Fed Ex or by freight carrier. 

Bins of frame moulding waiting to be turned into
great value picture frames. 


You may be a professional photographer, you could be an artist that needs unfinished frames.  No matter what the need we can either find it or we have it in stock.  We have fulfilled many orders when the customer has asked us to find a particular kind of moulding for their project.  We have vast resources in the framing industry.  It is only a matter of a phone call to find the one perfect pattern you need.

Did you need a custom size?  We cut custom sizes all of the time.  There is not even an upcharge for a custom size.  All we ask is that you purchase the next largest size than you need.  So if you are needing a frame that is 9x12 then go ahead and order the 10x13" size noting in the customer comment block that you need the smaller size. 

Overall, we are providing a great service and value to all that purchase from us.  If you have a certain look or have a specific function or event that you need to find a compliment, then we are here to help.  Find your pefect match now.