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Picture Frame Sizes

Here is a listing of the standard size picture frames that the industry offers.  

Some sizes may not be available at certain time due to limitations of the moulding, please inqure if you need a special size.  We can make it for you.  Pricing applies to the next largest size.  e.g. You need a 16x18 frame, you will order a 16x20 frame and note what size to cut it to in the comment block.

Standard Sizes (in.):

4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 10x12, 11x14, 12x16, 14x18, 16x20, 16x24, 18x24

Photographic Sizes (in.):

4x5, 5x5, 6x8, 8x12, 9x12, 10x10, 10x13, 10x15, 10x20, 11x17, 12x12, 12x18, 16x24 

Panoramic Frame Sizes (in.):

6x18",  8x24",  10x30",  12x36"


To order Panoramic frames simply click on the desired size on any of our mouldings as indicated with a "P".

You may order glass with your panoramic frames but we highly recommend that you choose the plexiglass option.  Glass is not very stable over long, narrow lengths and may break in shipping.